Regulating the outfitting and guiding industry in Idaho


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Number Title
OG-1 Outfitter Application for Sole Proprietor
OG-2 Outfitter Application for Corporation
OG-3 Designated Agent Application
OG-4 Relicensure Guide License Application
OG-4.1 New Guide License Application
OG-5 River Boating Application Training Requirements
OG-6 Land Manager's Statement
OG-7 Outfitter's Operating Plan Master
OG-7.1 Outfitter's Operating Plan Land Supplemental
OG-7.1 Outfitter's Operating Plan Boating Supplemental
OG-8 Financial Statement
OG-9 Outfitter's Amendment Request
OG-9.1 Guide Amendment Request
OG-10 Private Land Owner's Statement
OG-11 River Training Log
OG-12 Performance Bond
OG-13 Relinquishment Form
OG-13.1 Relinquishment Form (Allocation)
OG-14 Document Release Authorization
OG-14.1 Acknowledgement Form
OG-15 Certified Hunting Guide Training Form
OG-16 Certified Snowmobile Guide Training Form
OG-17 Request for Validated Training Form
OG-18 500 Mile River Log Of Commercial Float Experience
OG-19 Ski Guide and Field Supervisor Application Coversheet
OG-20 Ski Outfitter Coversheet
OG-21 Applicant's Letter Of Intent Form
OG-23 Clearwater Bear Cougar Wolf Outfitter Overlap Policy - Combined Outfitter Overlap Agreement - Land Manager's Statement Form
OG-23.1 One Time Controlled Hunt for Sheep, Goat, Antelope, Moose
OG-23.3 Hot Pursuit Agreement Outside Outfitter's Operating Area
OG-24 Clearwater Bear Cougar Wolf Outfitter Overlap Policy - Overlap Use Report Form
OG-25 Idaho Fish and Game Comment Form
CS-1 Clearwater Sticker Request form
Sample Sample Outfitted Hunt Service Agreement

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